Sicbo Rules – How to play

What is Sicbo?

 Sic Bo as played in modern Casinos is based on an ancient and very popular Chinese game. The game is played at a large table covered with a large felt on which the game’s bets and odds are printed. There are a huge variety of bets to choose from. This is done by placing money on the appropriate part of the table. 

 The game is resolved by the mechanical rolling of three dice. If your bet wins you will be paid out according to the printed odds on the table. You can place multiple bets per dice roll and thus increase your chances of winning. 


Sic Bo Features

In Sic Bo you place wagers by left-clicking on the appropriate square on the table. 

 You can remove or decrease the size of wagers by right-clicking on them. 

 The Chip Size menu allows you to select the size that you want to increase or decrease each bet. 

 Under the Options menu you will find the Keep Bets option. While this option is selected the game will automatically restore the state of the Sic Bo table (replace all chip piles) to that which existed before to the last roll of the dice.

 When you are satisfied with your bets, begin playing the game by clicking on the Roll button.

 If you want to make the same bets as you did for the previous game use the Repeat button to copy all the previous bets.

 The Clear button will remove all chips from the table.

 The Undo button will reverse the effect of the last change made to the table be it the placement of a bet, a clear or a redo.

 The Redo button will reverse the changes made by an Undo button.


Playing the Game

Although the table felt looks complicated Sic Bo is a simple enough game that is fun and easy to learn. 

 Before you can play a game of Sic Bo you must place at least one bet. You can place any size of bet up to the table limit on that bet on any of the squares of the table. 

 Once you have placed your bets on the table, play the game by clicking on the Roll button. The dice will be shaken and then displayed. If any of your bets win you will be paid out according to the odds printed on the table. 


The Payout Schedule

Betting on positions in Sic Bo pays out as follows:

Position                                                         Odds Paid 

Specific Triple                                             1 wins 180

 Any Triple                                                    1 wins 31

 Specific Double**                                       1 wins 11

 Small (4 to 10) *                                            1 wins 1   

 Big (11 to 17) *                                               1 wins 1

 4 or 17                                                            1 wins 62

 5 or 16                                                            1 wins 31

 6 or 15                                                            1 wins  18

 7 or 14                                                            1 wins 12

 8 or 13                                                            1 wins 8

 9 or 12                                                            1 wins 7

 10 or 11                                                           1 wins 6

 2 of 3 dice                                                     1 wins 6

 1 dice                                                             1 wins 1

 2 dice                                                             1 wins 2

 3 dice                                                             1 wins 12

* These bets always lose on a triple.


Pairs are when the resulting dice roll contains two of the same number. For example, if you have two fours or three fours you still only win once and you win at odds of 11-1.

 These Baccarat Rules were taken from the microgaming casino featured below: 

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