Scratch Card Rules – How to play

What is a Scratchcard?

A Scratch Card is easy to use and the gameplay is fast and fun . 

 Use the Chip Size menu to change the size of the chips you are betting. 

 Use the Increase and Decrease buttons to increase the number of chips being wagered on each card.

 Press the Play button to start a new card. A fresh foil will fill the card area.

 Use the Show button to automatically peel the foil off the card or simply hold down the left mouse button and drag it across the ticket surface.


Playing the Game

You can change your betting size per card by clicking on the ‘Chip Size’ menu item at the top of the screen. Choose the chip size you wish to play with by selecting the relevant chip size. The value of each card that you are playing with will appear in the ‘Bet’ information box at the bottom of the screen.

 To play, press the ‘Play’ button. A picture or emblem – ready for you to scratch off will then cover the Scratch Card!

 Scratch the card by holding down the left mouse button and moving the pointer over the picture or emblem. As you move the pointer (while pressing the left mouse button), the foil will be peeled off to reveal the numbers or pictures below.

 Alternatively, to remove the foil quickly, you can press the ‘Show’ button. This will clear the foil for you automatically, revealing the hidden number or pictures below.

 If you get 3 symbols/numbers of the same value, you will be paid out the value attached to that symbol multiplied by your bet amount. For example if your bet amount was 5 credits and you have three symbols worth 20 you will be paid out 100 credits (20 x 5 = 100.)

 Once all the numbers have been revealed, you will be paid out accordingly and are able to play again by clicking on the ‘Play’ button.


Payout Schedule

When you get 3 of the same symbols showing on the card, you will be paid out that number MULTIPLIED

 by your bet amount. 

 For example: If you have chosen a bet amount of 5 credits and three of the numbers uncovered reveal 5x; you

 will be paid out 25 credits. (5×5=25)

 Malfunctions void all plays and pays.


  These Scratch Card Rules were taken from the microgaming casino featured below: 

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