Keno Rules – How to play

What is Keno?

 Keno is easy to learn and fun to play. It is one of the oldest games played in modern casinos and almost certainly the one that has undergone the least change. Keno is played in much the same fashion as most national and state lotteries around the world. 

 The concept is very simple. There is a large Keno board with numbers from one (1) to eighty (80). In a basket, wire cage or plastic bubble there are balls numbered from one (1) to eighty (80). Twenty of the balls are drawn randomly and it is up to the player to predict which numbers will be drawn and to place a bet on as many as fifteen of those numbers. You may choose to bet on any number of spots (up to 15) for the price of one ticket. The price of the ticket is not dependent on the number of spots chosen. The more spots that you correctly predict the higher the payout. 


Keno Features

 Keno’s interface is quite simple. 

 Use the Chip Size menu to change the amount you are wagering per ticket. 

 The Keno Ticket is the large grid of numbers that dominates the play area of the Keno game. On it you will find the numbers 1 through 80. Left click on the Keno ticket to select a number. It will be highlighted. To deselect the number left click again. You can select up to fifteen numbers.

 The Clear button removes all currently selected numbers.

 The Undo reverses the effects of the last Clear.

 Click the Play button to start a game of Keno once you are finished selecting your numbers.


Playing the game

 Playing Keno is easy.  Use your mouse to select up to fifteen ‘spots’ on the Keno ticket and then click the Play button. 

The game will begin. As numbers are drawn they will be shown to you. If you have successfully predicted a number your keno ticket will change to reflect this. When all twenty numbers have been drawn you will be paid out according to the payout schedule and can play again.


Keno payouts

The first column indicates the number of matches. This is cross-referenced to the number of spots selected that is indicated by the other fifteen columns.

 To use the table, look across the top for the number of ‘spots’ you chose, then follow that column down to the row where it crosses the number of matches you made. The number at the intersection of the row and column is the payout ratio you will receive. The presence of a – indicates no pay out as does a 0.

 For example: 

 6 catches off eleven spots will pay out six times your initial bet.

 2 catches off eleven spots will pay out half your initial bet. 

 5 catches off six spots will pay out thirty times your initial bet. 

These Keno Rules were taken from the Microgaming casino featured below:

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